2016 Annual Review of the Central Pacific Surf Arena

A whole lot of surfing going on down here in the lower latitudes!

It’s agreed that the waves were medium size this year but better conditions and swell direction was excellent,..Places like Playa Jaco had more good to excellent days of surf

“En la cancha de Surf”

Taking full advantage of our Playa Jaco training ground

Featured surfers from the top: Enoc Santana, Angelo Bonomelli, Carlos Muñoz, Leo Apreda, Manuel Mesen Diaz and Rolando Herrera Siles on SUP

Roca Loca offering up excellent wave at the being of this years surfing season. Which would bring us to this years

 Roca Loca Invitational

 Roca was called on late evening with waves topping out to 15 on the faces with the likelihood of excellent conditions at sunrise the next morning.

Noe Mar first out on a early Roca Grinder

 Carlos and Albert Muñoz showed a balance of surfing with unique styles of there own.

Roca Loca Contest 2016 Round # 2 Heats #1 #2 #3 099
Carlos Muñoz this years Roca Loca winner
Roca Loca Contest 2016 042
Albert Muñoz smooth power

Jason Torres fitting nicely after taking and Roca hammering on takeoff

Jason Torres fitting nicely on this Roca grinder
Taking the Roca hammer

 Got Front Row Seats for next year?

2016 ISA World Surfing Games Playa Jaco

Costa Rica Made a good showing

Surfing Playa Jaco Day #2 ISA world Contest 2016 115
Noe Mar

A Force to be Reckoned With

The rise of Costa Rican professional surfers on the world stage has energized a new generation of young surfers here in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific.

Keep Focus on Costa Rica more to come @ and on facebook

Check The Surf @ magicseaweed Playa-Jaco-Surf-Report


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